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Jotted my show notes at a red light. Shooting tonight. Bout damn time.


Shower and don’t dress like an idiot! This is more of an intro/summary. I’ve decided to break it up into four segments to make it an easier viewing experience and also more easily squeeze shooting it into my damn schedule. Featuring my cat, Sofia, who I think I am going to shut in the other side of the house when I film from now on.

Oh, and as usual: ask me some stuff, tell your friends, &c&c.


We’re editing tonight! Well, I am. In the meantime, would you like to see me look silly? Yes, yes you would. Let me tell you, freeze-frames of your own face mid-sentence are an endless source of deeply humbling amusement.


COMING SOON. A very first episode in which I will discuss, well, the beginning. Where to start? What gets in the way? What to do about that? Also, what if you’re in a smaller town where nerdery is underrepresented? I will also probably say “umm” too much and forget to look at the camera.