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Episode 1: Beginnings, Small Towns is live! I edited out as many “um”s as possible, but I’m afraid my tone of voice is one continuous “um.” I’ll work on that in episode 2. Thanks one more time to Made of Fail¬†and Mirajane Scarlet.

I say one tiny cuss a few minutes in, so maybe this isn’t safe for work?

And how about some questions for episode 2, yeah? I think the “discussion” section is going to be largely about, let’s say, “presentation,” but the question doesn’t have to be related. AskAskAskAskAsk.

Full Episode Notes


For much sounder advice than my own re: confidence:

Made of Fail Episode 34: Self-esteem is for Everybody!

For an in-depth look at building an online dating profile:

Made of Fail Episode 46: Love is on the Air Tonight.

The Awl: Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

(favorite quote: “shower and don’t dress like an idiot.”)

And one for The Ladies.



We’re editing tonight! Well, I am. In the meantime, would you like to see me look silly? Yes, yes you would. Let me tell you, freeze-frames of your own face mid-sentence are an endless source of deeply humbling amusement.


Episode one has been (nervously) filmed! I have placed it in the hands of my capable BFF, as I am much too self-conscious to edit it myself and hooboy does it need editing. Still, very excited, and I hope you guys like it!

On a side note, happy International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate by writing old white dudes(that’d be your senators) to let them know that we appreciate and trust women, and that we believe women are strong and smart enough to make their own decisions!


COMING SOON. A very first episode in which I will discuss, well, the beginning. Where to start? What gets in the way? What to do about that? Also, what if you’re in a smaller town where nerdery is underrepresented? I will also probably say “umm” too much and forget to look at the camera.